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Friday June 8, 2023 at 6 p.m.

Double bass poetry evening

Poetry-double bass: David Jauzion-Graverolles, poet and novelist, presents and speaks texts from Lumière des frontières and L'Île précaire, with the complicity of Rémy Yulzari, musician, composer, improviser, in a poetic and pictorial journey.

David Jauzion-Graverolles, direction, text

David Jauzion-Graverolles was born in 1 9 7 3 in Oyonnax, in Jura.

He studied literature in Paris (Henri IV, Sorbonne, ENS Fontenay/Lyon), then taught French literature in the years 1998-2004 at the University of Stockholm, then Lyon 2, and in various high schools in Lyon and from Brussels. He published poems and studies on painters in the Nouveau Recueil, and edited two poetry and graphic art magazines: Vulturne, in Stockholm, then Sezim, in the Jura, where he trained in typography and screen printing. , at the Maison du Peuple in St-Claude.

In 2004, while he was working on his thesis on poetry, a passion for theater took hold of him and on a whim he attempted the entrance exam to ENSATT in the directing section which came

to open. Accepted, he spent four years doing
theater day and night, experimenting with dramatic laws and the foundations of acting and staging, to the point of presenting “Plato Magritte” at the 2008 Avignon festival, then he staged Marivaux, Boccaccio and Shakespeare with his company Skaoum , between 2008 and 2011.

“Les Étourdis du Bateau,” according to Marivaux, was selected for the Festival Premier Pas du Théâtre du Soleil in 2009. Holder of a state theater diploma, he then taught at the Douai conservatory. He created “English Mood” with Nadia Kuprina in 2013.

Since 2011, he has lived in Brussels. It was there that he taught French and especially theater, first at the Remua, at the Espace Mutin and at the Bouillon Kub, then at the Jean Monnet French high school, while continuing to tour as an actor and director for a year. “Rhapsody Plato”, sometimes performed in the school form of “Socrates in high school”, theatrical intervention in philosophy, theater and ancient languages classes.

He writes stories, children's texts, poetry and theater.

Poetry: Warehouses (La Fraternelle, 2003), Light of the Limits and the Precarious Island (Le Coudrier, 2021 and 2022)

Novel: Welcoming your prisoner (MEO editions, 2023)

He has published poems and reading notes in Le Nouveau Recueil, Vulturne, Sezim, Le Journal des poetes.

Rémy Yulzari, double bass, arrangements, design

Double bassist and composer Rémy Yulzari reinvents the role of the double bass as a multifaceted solo instrument. Drawing on his own history, he creates a personal style with a wide range of colors and styles based on improvisation and creativity.

Born in Dôle (Jura), Rémy began self-taught music at the age of 11. He then learned the accordion, the violin,

piano, composition and analysis
musical. At 18, he started playing double bass and obtained a 1st Prize in double bass from the CNSM in Paris, studying orchestration, composition and conducting at the same time. Rémy Yulzari is the first double bassist to be accepted into the prestigious “Artist Diploma in Performance” program at the Juilliard School in New York.

Leading an international career, he is a founding member of numerous ensembles covering a wide range of musical styles, recording several albums: “L'Enigme Eternelle” (four solo journeys through Jewish music on the double bass), “Azafea” (2014 ) and “Terres Natales” (2019) with Nadav Lev, “Freylekh From Vladivostok” (recorded live during their tour of Russia on the Trans-Siberian route with his Trio Klezele) and two albums of chamber music works by G. Onslow and J. S. Bach for the Polymnie label as well as the soundtrack of the film “L'Empreinte” by Safy Nebbou with his Monsolo Quintet.

Among his other activities Rémy composed the soundtrack for the film “Aux Marches du Palais” (directed by Bastien Ferré), wrote several literary articles for the magazine “SEZIM” and played in the theater in “les Étourdis du Bateau”, based on a piece by Marivaux. He appears on screen in “L’autre Dumas” by Safy Nebbou alongside Gérard Depardieu and Benoît Poelvoorde. His compositions have been described by the New York Times as "imaginative and painterly."

Holder of a C.A. (master of pedagogy) he is a professor of improvisation at the Pôle Supérieur Paris-Boulogne following Ibrahim Maalouf and of classical double bass, jazz, chamber music and world music at the 5th arrondissement conservatory from Paris ; he regularly gives masterclasses in double bass, chamber music and klezmer music in Japan and France.

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