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I start my work on the portraits of these painters or sculptors by wanting to prolong suspended moments during an exhibition that surprises me and touches me deeply. Driven by the desire to keep the emotions felt in front of their works.

My effort tends to create a presence.

By working with the material with knives, fingers, in addition to my brushes, I shape my subject like a sculpture, trying to get closer to them. I cannot say what I am looking for in their eyes and their hands, I am trying precisely to find there the indefinable sensations that I felt in front of their works.

I surround myself with their presence so that they accompany me and carry me in my artistic research.


Abstraction is for me a dialogue in which I listen more than I paint. A search through gestures as if they were words, each emergence calling for a response. I express myself with all kinds of palettes,spatulas and brushes.

It is the canvas that guides and trains me.


Like the universe, between cataclysm and genesis.

Like the centuries, between war and peace, destruction and evolution.

Like life and its tumults, between pain and happiness.

In the image of beings, their desires, their pasts, their dramas or their joys, their strengths and weaknesses, between darkness and kindness.

Like nature, its strata that tell its story, its winters, its summers, its burnt forests that are budding again.

It is the energy of life and its contradictions that are expressed in my paintings.



These two paths are essential for me and a dialogue has been established.   It is in this balance of rigor and freedom of gesture that I find my artistic fulfillment today. "     

Karine Prette is a French artist who has lived and worked in Brussels for 15 years.

Born in 1966 in Marseilles.

Graduated from the Art School of Uccle.

Exhibition from January 28 to February 12, 2022

Solo show /“DIALOGUE(S)” Espace Beaurepaire - 75010 Paris - FRANCE

From August 31 to September 19, 2021

 VENICE INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR:   Collectif FUTURE LANDSCAPES at Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello in Venice - ITALY

January 2021

Exhibition at Atelier 35 Brussels - BELGIUM

March and November 2020

COLLECTIVE FRIENDS OF ARTISTS Participation in solidarity sales - FRANCE

June 2019

 Solo Show / Atelier 35 Brussels -BELGIUM

 May 2018

Exhibition at B19 in Uccle -BELGIUM

 March 2018

Solo show  / MOBILE ART GALLERY in Brussels - BELGIUM

 March 2017

The two brothers  in Brussels - BELGIUM

 May 2016

Expo at B19 in Uccle   -  BELGIUM

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